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    Today is Sunday. It's sunny today . I go to the zoo with my mother. I can see many animals . There are tigers ,lions ,pandas ,snakes and many more. Look ! The pandas are over there . They're from China . Look at the baby panda ! It's climbing trees. How cute it is ! I love pandas.

    Next, we go to see the lions .The lions are so strong . Their mouths are too big. The tigers ae next to them. They are from Asia. They are yellow. At last,we go to see the monkeys . Some are climbing moutains , some are eating bananas . THey ' re so much fun !

    I see many animals at the zoo and I 'm so happy today!


    last week I went to the Xiangjiang Zoo in Panyu.with my family. The zoo was very big and very beautiful , the zoo has a lot of animals , panda,lion,tiger,snake,elephant,fox Collected By Panda ws very cute and very fat , but it was not my favourite animal. Lion ws very strong , but it wasn t my favourite animal either, because it wasn t very handsome.

    Tiger ws very strong and very handsome , it s my favourite animal, because it s very strong and very handsome. I feel very happy !


    The zoo provides the animals the comfortable and safe living conditions that can not be found in other places.

    If the animals get hurt or ill, certain people will take care of them to prevent futher danger caused by the diseases.

    Good opportunities for the people in the city especially those children who don't have the chance to set foot in the wild world.

    Watching the animals in the zoo may give the parents a good chance to teach their children to love the animals and the world.

    The parents can get the children know more about the animals in the zoo by watching listening even smelling instead of just looking at the dull pictures in the books.

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